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I Didn't Receive My Payment

Direct Deposit

Transferring a deposit to your bank account can take up to 5 business days to reach your bank. If you still haven’t located the funds after 5 business days, first check that your bank account information is correct in the system and update it if it’s not.
  • If your bank account information is correct, please contact us by going to the Contact-Us page so we can research further.
  • If the bank account information was incorrect, please update it.
  • The process of reissuing your payment will take a minimum of 12 business days.

Gift Certificate

Please make sure to check all spam and junk folders as the claim code email may be getting redirected to them due to your e-mail preferences. If you still haven’t located it after checking all folders, please Contact-Us so we can research further.

*When contacting us about a missing payment, please include the payment date and amount in your contact to us.

What happens if I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method at any time but it must be submitted by the first day of the payment month to be effective. If the payment method is changed after the first, it will not apply to the payment being issued that month, but will be in effect on the payment issued the following month.

For example: If you want your January payment to be paid by gift certificate instead of direct deposit, you would need to change the payment method before the January payment is made in March. This means the payment method would need to be updated before March 1st in order for the January payment to be paid by gift certificate. If the payment method is changed after the 1st, it will not be effective until the following month, so in this example, if the payment method isn’t updated until after the 1st, the payment sent in March will be on the old payment method and the new payment method will be used for the payment sent out in April.

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