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Can multiple individuals access my account?

Yes. To grant access to others, log into Associates Central with your primary e-mail address. Select "Account Settings" in the upper right-hand corner of the main page, choose "Manage account users and select your primary e-mail address”. Under "Add A New User," type in the e-mail addresses of the individuals you want to add. An invitation e-mail will be sent to each new user, containing a link to Associates Central. The first time a new user logs in, they‘ll receive a confirmation code and be instructed to send it to you for verification and acceptance. New users will be able to make changes to the account information (URL, contact information, site profile) on Associates Central. They’ll also have access to the Build Links tool. However, the primary e-mail address, payee information and payment method can only be changed by someone logging in with the primary e-mail address and password.

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