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Selecting the Best Links for Your Site

Our Build Links section makes it easy to quickly integrate a variety of link types into your site. Below is an overview of the available types and the benefits of each.
  • Product Links. Product Links go directly to an Amazon.co.uk or third-party product of your choice. You can easily adjust the size of the product image and the colour of the title text and background. With the enhanced option, you can display updated product pricing and a Buy from Amazon.co.uk button which allows visitors to quickly add products to their Shopping Cart. With the basic option, you can still format the link to match the look and feel of your Web site, but will not be able to display updated pricing and the Shopping Cart link. Our studies have shown that links with updated pricing and a Buy from Amazon.co.uk button convert better than links without features. They are especially appropriate for pages with specialized content, such as product reviews.
  • Recommended Products Links. Recommended Products Links allow you to display anywhere from one to nine products that match categories and keywords of your choice. They are continually updated to show the latest product titles, images, and prices. They are especially appropriate for pages on certain topics, such as gardening or cooking. Products displayed are usually among the best-selling products Amazon.co.uk offers in your selected categories. This is a great way to cross-merchandise.
  • Search Box Links. Search Box Links allow your visitors to search the Amazon.co.uk catalogue, and are especially helpful when they are unsure of exactly what product they want. They are appropriate for pages with general content.
  • Banner Links. Banner and Tower Links are images on the top, bottom, and sides of your pages. They can go either to product category page, such as Jewellery & Watches, or the Amazon.co.uk home page. Some Banner Links include promotional content that will rotate on your site. They are appropriate for both pages on certain topics and pages with general content.
  • Text Links. Text Links allow you to build links to any page on Amazon.co.uk, including individual product detail pages, product category pages, and the Amazon.co.uk home page. They can easily be included within blocks of text on your site, such as product reviews, and can be included in e-mail communications, such as newsletters.
In addition to these basic link types, there are some advanced options:

  • Add-to-Cart Buttons. Provide your visitors maximum convenience by automatically adding products to their Amazon.co.uk Shopping Cart when they click on these buttons, enabling them to skip the process of going to the item's detail page and adding it from there. You will receive credit for the purchase as long as the customer places their order within 90 days. To learn how to build this type of link, ">click here.