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Payment Threshold Settings

Direct Deposit and Gift Certificate

  • You can’t change the threshold for payment to direct deposit or gift certificate.
  • If we owe you less than GBP 25, your commissions will be rolled into the next month’s total.


  • You can define your own check minimum. The minimum check threshold of GBP 50 still applies to all Associates but many have requested higher thresholds. When you input your threshold, we simply hold your payment until your earnings have reached that amount.
  • Go to Account Settings, then click on Change Payment Method. Once there, you would select Check and then you can input what threshold you want in the box. It has to be more than GBP 50.
  • Please note that you can change your threshold at any time but it must be submitted by the first day of the payment month to be effective. For example, if you would like to raise your threshold to GBP 500, it must be entered by March 1st to be effective for January earnings paid in March. If you change your threshold to GBP 1000 on March 15th, it will be effective for February earnings paid in April.
  •  This feature is only available for checks.
  •  If we owe you less than GBP 50 (or your personally set threshold), your commissions will be rolled into the next month’s total.

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