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Customer engagement with content on mobile devices is growing. Your mobile websites and applications can benefit from this increased traffic when you use our mobile friendly products. To maximise monetisation and deliver the best user experience on smartphones and tablets, we offer optimised ad units such as mobile banners, responsive banners and responsive widgets
The Mobile Education Center provides information on how to integrate Amazon mobile ad units with your mobile websites or applications.
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Mobile Banners
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Desktop banner sizes do not fit well on mobile optimized websites and hence cannot be used in mobile or responsive websites. To help you monetize your mobile websites, we started offering mobile banners in 2014. These banners support sizes which fit well on mobile screens. The banner creative is also optimized to engage with customers on mobile devices. The mobile banners are available in following sizes: 320x250, 320x50, and 125x125.
Integrating with Blogging Platforms
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Most popular blogging platforms do not serve header and side-rail ads on mobile devices. This section provides you information on how to integrate mobile ad units in popular blogging platforms such as BlogSpot so that Amazon ads are visible to your visitors on their mobile devices.
Mobile App Integration
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Reach your visitors on popular mobile platforms and grow your revenue. Make your app content shoppable by adding links to any page on Amazon, including individual product detail pages, product category pages, search pages, and the Amazon homepage.