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EU Associates Programme Categories Schedule

This Associates Programme Categories Schedule is part of the Operating Agreement that governs your participation in the Amazon EU Associates Programme. This Schedule describes the categories from which you are required to select the one that most accurately describes the method you will use to send end users to the Amazon Site. From time to time, we may modify this Schedule in accordance with Section 15 of the Operating Agreement. All capitalised terms used below that are not defined on this page have the meanings given to them in the Operating Agreement.

(a) « Coupons/Deals ». You must select the “Coupons/Deals” category if the primary purpose of your site is to display special offers, coupon codes, vouchers, or other promotions.

(b) « Blog. » You must select the “Blog” category if your site is a blog or other site that is formatted as an online journal on which entries appear in chronological order (i.e., the most recent entry appears at the top of the site).

(c) « Content/Niche ». You must select the “Content/Niche” category if your site addresses specific topics or areas of interest. For example, if your site is a fan site, you must select this category.

(d) « Comparison Shopping Engine ». You must select the “Comparison Shopping Engine” category if your site provides users with the ability enter product-related search terms for the purpose of viewing a list of products and comparing prices offered by various sellers. While the results list may include, without limitation, features and reviews, the principal feature of a comparison shopping engine site is price comparison. If the primary purpose of your site is to provide reviews of products or services, rather than price comparisons, then you should not choose this category.

(e) « Manufacturer/Publisher/Author/Artist ».You must select the “Manufacturer/Publisher/Author/Artist” category if items, products, or other works manufactured, published, written, designed, or otherwise created by you, or services offered or performed by you, are sold on the Amazon Site and you will display Special Links on your site to those items, products, works, or services on the Amazon Site.

(f) « Non Profit/Charitable Organisation ». You must select the “Non Profit/Charitable Organisation” category if you operate your site for, on behalf of, or in connection with a non-profit or charitable organisation. For the avoidance of doubt, the restriction set forth in Section 13 of the Associates Programme Participation Requirements that restricts you from offering any consideration or incentive to end users for using Special Links to access the Amazon Site applies to Non Profit/Charitable Organisations (i.e., you may not disclose to end users that by clicking on Special Links before purchasing on the Amazon Site they will be supporting your organisation).

(g) « Portal/Directory » : You must select the “Portal/Directory” category if your site offers a variety of services and content, such as news, email, and search.

(h) « Other ». You must select the “Other” category if none of the foregoing categories is applicable to your site.

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