United Kingdom

Supermarkets on Amazon

What is Supermarkets on Amazon?
Amazon Same-Day Grocery enables Prime customers to order from a wide selection of fresh produce, meats, seafood, dairy, frozen items, and household essentials from the Amazon Fresh and Third Party Supermarkets on Amazon (i.e. Morrisons on Amazon). Prime members can place their orders for Amazon Fresh and Third Party Supermarkets directly on Amazon.co.uk, making grocery and other shopping one seamless experience. 

How do I find Supermarket products?
It is possible to select Third Party Supermarket logo next to Shop By Department or by the search bar.

How much will I earn for promoting Same-Day Delivery?
You will earn a 3% commission on the total order amount, for each customer you drive to place and order on Supermarkets on Amazon. Please note that currently, it is only possible to earn on Morrisons on Amazon ; Amazon Fresh products are excluded. We are working on making it available on Amazon Associates.

What pages should I link customers to?
You must link customers to the Morrisons on Amazon storefront.
UK: Morrisons on Amazon → https://www.amazon.co.uk/alm/storefront?almBrandId=TW9ycmlzb25z

Can I promote "Supermarkets on Amazon" trough the Product Advertising API links
No, there are currently no parameters setup to access the ASINs available on Supermarkets on Amazon using the Product Advertising API.