Gift Certificates FAQ

1. Why are Amazon Associates now eligible to earn advertising fees on Gift Certificates?

Based on feedback from our Associates, we have made the decision to offer advertising fees on Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates sales are a powerful sales driver for Amazon, particularly around the holidays, and we want to offer this exciting product to our Associates.

2. What are Gift Certificates? Gift Certificates are always the perfect gift, redeemable for millions of items on the Web site. They can be sent via email, an e-card or on paper through the mail. When visitors to your site want to purchase a gift for someone but are unsure exactly what to get, Gift Certificates are ideal. You can learn more about Gift Certificates at the Gift Certificates page on

3. What is the benefit of promoting Gift Certificates on my site(s)?

We believe Gift Certificates are great for your site visitors when they are not sure what to buy. They may be inspired from your great content on your site but unsure when giving a gift. Placing Gift Certificate links on your site will offer your site visitors yet another great option.

4. How much will I earn by referring Gift Certificates?

You will earn a flat 6% advertising fee rate on the value of the Gift Certificates referred. The advertising fees will be paid on both sales referred directly from Gift Certificate links on your site as well Gift Certificates purchased after clicks on other products.

5. Will Gift Certificate sales count toward unit tiers?

No, sales from gift certificates will not count toward unit tiers. However, every sale will earn a flat 6% advertising rate, regardless of the unit tier you will be paid for the quarter.

6. How do I add Gift Certificate links to my Web site?

We recommend you use banner links or text links to promote Gift Certificates on your Web site.

Banner Links can be found at Associates Central >> Build Links >> Banner Links.

Text Links can be built at Associates Central >> Build Links >> Text Links.

7. Where do I find a detailed report on my Gift Certificate sales?

A summary of your Gift Certificate you referred can be found on your Earnings Report on the Associates Central Home Page. In addition, we have created an itemized list of the Gift Certificates you referred on a new report named Misc. Referrals, also available from the Associates Central Home Page.

8. Where can I ask any additional questions I have about referring Gift Certificates?

Please direct any additional questions you may have to us at our Associates Customer Service Form.

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