Amazon Music Associates Programme Bounty

Drive Amazon Music Unlimited trials and earn £4.50 per sign-up!

You are eligible to earn a bounty for every eligible Amazon Music sign-up you generate. There are two tiers to Amazon Music streaming service, so two bounties:

  1. Amazon Music Unlimited: over 40-million-song catalogue; you can earn £4.50 fixed fee for every eligible sign-up you generate.
  2. Prime Music: curated 2 million song catalogue for Prime members; you can earn £3.00 fixed fee for every eligible free-trial of Prime you generate.
Amazon Music rebranded, launched Amazon Music Unlimited for all customers, and increased the size of the Prime Music curated catalogue for Prime customers, in November 2016. See the press release here.
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What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited is an ad-free music streaming and download service with over 40 million songs which customers can listen to anywhere, anytime. The extensive catalogue includes easy to navigate playlists, stations, albums, new releases and all time classics. Customers can use the Amazon Music app to stream music or download it to listen to wherever they are. There are multiple price options for customers to suit their needs – from a single-device plan on the Amazon Echo through to 6 accounts in the Family plan. To see the price plan options click here: Amazon Music offers unique voice commands on the Amazon Echo; a customer can ask Alexa to play a specific song, album or genre. If customers are unsure what they want, Alexa can help; they can ask Alexa to play music based on their mood and she will learn what music tastes they have and personalize what she offers back. She can even identify a song based on snippet of lyrics…she is very clever! A customer is not restricted to being a Prime Member to take out a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited.

What is Prime Music?

Found in the same place as Amazon Music Unlimited, a customer can choose to sign up to Prime Music upon becoming a member of Amazon Prime, at no further expense. It is part of the same Amazon Music experience with a smaller number of tracks – yet still over 2 million songs. Customer of Prime Music benefit from the same Amazon Echo Alexa commands. It is an advantageous price point in the market given all the extra delivery, Amazon Video, Kindle, photo storage benefits the subscription has to offer. For more details visit

How can you promote Amazon Music services?

If your website focuses on Music or your visitors are interested in Music related products (you can use the report centre to see what products your visitors usually buy), then this is the perfect bounty for you to earn extra money.

There are several easy ways to start earning from Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited:

  • You can create a bespoke article based on the editorial features from the Amazon Music website e.g Side by Side, Song of the day for which you can review the portal each week.
  • Use the ready-made banners across your website or network
  • Promote the logo alongside any albums or songs you are promoting with a Listen Now button.

Click here for the Amazon Music Unlimited link.

Click here for banners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Amazon Music Unlimited only available to Prime customers?

    No, it is open to any eligible customer. Prime customers can however sign up and subscribe at a discounted rate.

  2. Does Prime Music still exist?

    Yes, Prime Music is accessible within the same Amazon Music app as Amazon Music Unlimited.

  3. Can I earn a bounty for sign-ups to Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music?

    Yes. You can earn bounties under the Associates Programme for eligible sign-ups for both Prime free trials and Amazon Music Subscription services as set out in the Operating Agreement.

  4. If a customer signs up to both services, will I get both a £3.00 bounty for Prime and a £4.50 for Amazon Music Unlimited bounty?

    Yes, if it is within 24 hours of being referred and is eligible for the bounty pursuant to the Operating Agreement.

  5. Does a visitor need to complete the Amazon Music 30-day Free Trial before I get paid?

    No. You will be paid a bounty for all eligible Amazon Music Free Trials initiated regardless of whether the visitor completes the entire 30-days of their Free Trial.

  6. How can I track how many Amazon Music memberships I have referred?

    You can view your earnings for eligible Amazon Music memberships by logging into Associates Central and viewing the Earnings Report. Bounty earnings will be listed under Miscellaneous Referrals Summary. Be sure to check “combined reports” when accessing.

  7. Is everyone eligible for a Free Trial of Amazon Music – either for Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited?

    A customer is eligible for a trial as long as they (a) have not taken an Amazon Music Free Trial within the preceding 12 months on the associated account or credit card for either service and (b) are over 18. Amazon may update the eligibility requirements.

  8. What constitutes a valid purchase?

    An Amazon Music Free Trial must be entered with a valid credit card which is note declined. Amazon may update the definition of a valid purchase.

  9. Does the bounty value change according to which Amazon Music Unlimited Price Plan the customer chooses?

    No, you will be paid the same £4.50 bounty upon the sign-up, irrespective of the value of the plan.

  10. Is there any supporting editorial content for my customers?

    Yes, Amazon Music in the UK has created an audio editorial feature called, ‘Side By Side’ available to the Unlimited membership tier only. Leading artists are exclusively invited to play and comment on songs from their latest album. Side-by-Sides are available from artists such as Emeli Sandé, The Chainsmokers, Sting, Two Door Cinema Club, Madness, Norah Jones, The Shires and Michael Buble, with more being added all the time.

  11. Is Amazon Music Unlimited exclusively available on Echo?

    No. The Amazon Music app is available on Fire devices, iOS, Android, Web, PC and Mac and any device on which Alexa has been integrated such as SONOS.

  12. Does a customer of Prime Music have the same voice activation benefits on Alexa?


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