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Earn a £1.50 bounty by promoting the Amazon Baby Wishlist

How does it work?

Associates will earn £1.50 for visitors referred from your site who create an Amazon Baby Wishlist.

Amazon Baby Wishlist gives expectant parents access to over 100,000 baby items, ensuring they can fully personalise their list and benefit from:

  • Recommendations of top baby wishlist products
  • Curated lists of popular products to make shopping for baby easier
  • Share list with friends and family at the click of a button via social media or email
  • Thank you list to easily track gifts
  • Universal Wishlist: Easily add items from any website for one easy to manage wishlist using Amazon Assitant
  • Free shipping for Prime members

Plus, expectant parents can save up to 15% on one of their baby wishlist purchases. See terms and conditions here

Get Links to promote the Amazon Baby Wishlist here (don't forget to include your Associates ID).

Bounty Details & FAQ for Amazon Baby Wishlist

Can I earn a bounty or advertising fees when my visitors create an Amazon Baby Wishlist?

From 29 September, UK Associates are now eligible to receive a bounty for each referred visitor who creates an Amazon Baby Wishlist.

Associates are eligible to receive £1.50 for each Baby Wishlist created provided that: 1) your visitor has not previously created a Baby Wishlist, 2) your visitor signs up without using manual verification, and 3) your promotional links for the Amazon Baby Wishlist direct your visitors to the designated landing page:


If a visitor you refer signs up for an Amazon Baby Wishlist through any other web page, you will not earn the bounty.

Do I need to use a special landing page in order to earn a bounty for Amazon Baby List?

Yes. You must use the designated landing page (or any successor pages) in order to earn the bounty:

Does a referred visitor need to purchase from the Amazon Baby Wishlist before I get paid?

You will be paid a bounty for all eligible Amazon Baby Wishlist creations regardless of whether the visitor purchases from the List, or not.

What assets are available to promote the Amazon Baby Wishlist?

You will find text links and banners to support the Amazon Baby Wishlist here:

How can I track how many Amazon Baby Wishlist creations I have referred?

You can view your earnings for eligible Amazon Baby Wishlist by logging into Associates Central and going to 'Reports'. Your bounty report will be available under the 'Bounties' tab. Click here to check your Bounty reports.

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