EU Associates Programme Current Special Offers and Promotions

This Current Special Offers and Promotions page is part of the Operational Documentationthat governs your participation in the Amazon EU Associates Programme. This page sets out current special offers and promotions. We recommend frequently reviewing this page for modifications. All capitalised terms used below that are not defined on this page have the meanings given to them in the Operating Agreement. In the event of any conflict between this Current Special Offers and Promotions page and the Operating Agreement or any of the other Operational Documentation, this Current Special Offers and Promotions page will prevail.

Special bounty rates applicable to Bounty Event: Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial

From 1st July 2017 until 31 July 2017, you may earn the following bounty rate for the Bounty Event, Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial - £10 (UK) and €10 (DE). Further details on this Bounty Event are set forth below.

Amazon Bounty Events

You will earn the bounty specified in the table below for each Bounty Event. A “Bounty Event” occurs when an eligible customer during a single Session clicks on a Special Link to the homepage for the bounty-eligible programme described below and successfully completes the bounty action, including any required email validation. Amazon will determine in its sole discretion, in each case, whether a Bounty Event has occurred. For the avoidance of doubt, you and your friends, relatives, associates, or employees are not eligible customers. Special Links to the bounty-eligible programme homepages listed below are permitted in connection with this bounty, notwithstanding Section 19 of the Associates Programme Participation Requirements. Amazon is under no obligation to continue to offer any of the bounty-eligible programs.

UK Bounties


TABLE B – UK Amazon Channel Subscription Homepages


DE Bounties


TABLE B – DE Amazon Channel Subscription Homepages


FR Bounties


IT Bounties


ES Bounties


*A “Bounty-Eligible Purchase” occurs when (1) an Eligible Customer places an order for a Product eligible for a bounty, (2) that Product is shipped to (or streamed or downloaded by), and paid for by, the Eligible Customer, and (3) that Product order is not cancelled or returned. For clarity, Bounty-Eligible Purchases are not Qualifying Purchases.

Without limiting any other reasons for which we may withhold advertising fees under this Operating Agreement, we will have no obligation to pay you advertising fees, including the bounties described herein, for Bounty Events that we determine in our sole discretion to be fraudulent (e.g., registrations made using invalid email addresses, use of bots or automated software, multiple Bounty Events by a single person, repetitive Bounty Events, Bounty Events from your IP address, Bounty Events that do not result from Special Links on your site, or Bounty Events that result from Prohibited Paid Search Placements, etc.). For purposes of the Operating Agreement, Bounty Events are treated as “Digital Products.”

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