Associates Social Networking FAQ

1. Does the Amazon Associates Program permit the use of social networking sites like Twitter to drive traffic to the Amazon site?

Yes - the Associates Program does pay referral fees for qualifying sales generated from social networking sites like Twitter. As with all other means of driving traffic, Associates have to be sure that the method is permitted by the terms of the Associates Operating Agreement and, if applicable, the Product Advertising API License Agreement, as well as the terms and conditions of the specific site on which their links are posted. For example, MySpace does not permit its users to post affiliate marketing links on their profiles.

2. Are there any restrictions on the user name or id that I can use with social networking sites? Can I use your logos and other trademarked images on my profile?

As stated in the Associates Operating Agreement, Associates may not take any action that could reasonably cause any customer confusion as to our relationship with you or misrepresent the relationship between us and you. Using a user name or id which includes Amazon’s Proprietary Terms, like “amazon” or “kindle,” or using our logos and other trademarked content on your profile may cause confusion by those accessing your profile and also misrepresents the relationship between us and you. For more information, please review the Associates Operating Agreement found here:

3. Can I use the Product Advertising API in conjunction with social networking sites?

There are some restrictions on the use of the Product Advertising API on social networking sites. For more information, please review the Product Advertising API License Agreement found here:

4. Are there any other issues with the use of affiliate ads and social networks that I need to be aware of?

Yes – the FTC has issued guidelines regarding the use of advertising and social networks which become effective on December 1, 2009. You can review the complete text of these guidelines by following this link (note that it requires Adobe PDF reader):

The Associates program is an advertising service and, as a result, you must follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding this type of advertising, including any FTC guidelines.

5. Are there any technical considerations when using a URL shortener and an Associates tagged link?

We have a couple of options for getting the shortened links you need to post in text boxes with character limits. One is to use the “Share on Twitter” function on the Associates Site Stripe. For more information on Site Stripe and this functionality, please click here:

We also offer shortened URLs for product detail pages on You can easily locate the appropriate shortened URL by visiting the detail page of the product you would like to recommend and clicking on the “Share with friends” link. The URL is displayed next to “Permalink” in the pop-up window. For instance, here is the shortened URL for the 6" Kindle:

To create an Associates tagged link, simply add your Associates tag after the “=” sign at the end of the URL:

When using this method, be sure to verify that you aren’t linking to any products offered by Excluded Merchants. For more information, please review the Associates Operating Agreement here:

Also, if you use the “Share” function for the various websites listed at the bottom of the “Share with Friends” window, you will not have the opportunity to edit the link shared to include your Associates id.

If you use another URL shortening service, you must carefully review the links provided by the service. Associates aren’t allowed to frame the Amazon site with any other URL, so if the links you get don’t resolve to the domain in the address bar, you cannot use them in the Associates Program. You will also want to carefully review the links you get to ensure your Associates tracking id is included when then shortened URL resolves to the Amazon page. Bear in mind that you must address any issues with a particular service with the provider of that service and Amazon cannot compensate you for any difficulties you may experience with other shortened URL providers.

Also, because of the way shortened URLs function, Amazon may ask you to provide the specific sites on which the shortened URLs are posted and to make any social network profiles on which you post these URLs publicly accessible for verification purposes.

6. Can you provide any guidance on how to better advertise Amazon offerings on social networking sites?

While we can’t give you specific tips, we can say that there are many internet resources available to affiliate marketers which address the issues with marketing on social networks.

7. How can I submit suggestions and feedback about using the Associates Program with social networking sites?

Please post your comments and suggestions to the Discussion Boards. We’ve created a special category just for social networking discussion here.

If you have specific account concerns, such as problems with reports, logging into your account and other similar issues, please use the Contact Us form available on Associates Central or by following this link to contact Customer Service:

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