How does the new site help me improve my merchandising strategies?

Our Performance Tips area includes up-to-date articles on the hottest trends in affiliate marketing, from optimising search-engine results to the best way to place promotions on your site. Whether you're just getting started as an Associate or are looking for additional tools and strategies, you'll find helpful information in our Performance Tips.

Among the most successful strategies Associates can adopt is to make use of Amazon Web Services. Doing so can increase your earnings, as your visitors are enticed by even richer product information on your site, such as availability, customer reviews, and sales rank. Spend less time on maintenance efforts by enabling automatic site updates, and increase control over your visitors' shopping experience through AWS Shopping Cart technologies. Several AWS developers offer applications that Associates without substantial technical expertise can use; review our list of Web Services applications to find one that meets your needs. 

In addition, Associates with a background in development can download the Web Services development kit and create their own applications. Read more about how you can benefit from using Amazon Web Services and adopting other best practices in Performance Tips.

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