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How do I change the display and color options of my widgets?

Widget Source gives you great flexibility over the look-and-feel of your widget. There are 3 sets of parameters that determine what your widget looks like:

1. design – This parameter determines the overall design layout of your widget

2. colorTheme – For each Design value, you can choose from several preset color theme values. These determine the background color, link color, header color etc. for the specific Design chosen

3. Override parameters – Once you’ve specified the design and colorTheme values, you can override individual style attributes such as backgroundColor, headerColor, linkColor etc.

For instance, if you wanted to create a My Favorites or Search widget with a 'brushed metal' theme and wanted to override the bodyTextColor to Black, you would add the following parameter values to your widget template:
1. design='5'
2. colorTheme='BrushedSteel'
3. bodyTextColor='000000'

The 'List of parameters' table displays valid combinations of design, colorTheme and Override parameter values.

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