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What is the SearchAndAdd feature and how do I use it to create a Carousel?

Use the SearchAndAdd feature to populate your Carousel widget with results from a Keyword search within an Amazon category. To use this feature, add the following key-value pairs to the Widget Template:

1. widgetType='SearchAndAdd'

2. keywords='KEYWORD_VALUE'
Replace KEYWORD_VALUE with a specific keyword.

3. searchIndex='INDEX_VALUE'
Replace INDEX_VALUE with a specific Amazon category. To learn more about Search Index and get the complete list of available Search Index values, click here.

E.g. searchIndex=’Apparel’ returns bestsellers from the Apparel category

4. [Optional] browseNode='NODE1, NODE2 etc.'
Replace NODE1,NODE2 etc. with a list of Browse Node values. The Carousel widget will be populated with Bestsellers from NODE1. If it does not find a minimum of 6 bestselling products from NODE1, then it will get more bestsellers from NODE2 and so on.

Use the browseNode parameter to drill-down into a specific Amazon category. For e.g. if you specify browseNode='1045066,1045024,1040660', the Carousel will be populated with Bestsellers from the category Professional<Dresses<Women<Apparel

To learn more about how to find Browse Node values, click here.

For example, the Widget Source code below creates a Carousel widget containing search results for the phrase 'Netaya' in the 'Jewelry' category:

var amzn_wdgt={widget:'Carousel'};
amzn_wdgt.title='Jewelry by Netaya';
<script src='http://wms.assoc-amazon.co.uk/20070822/US/js/swfobject_1_5.js'>

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