Partnernet now available in English

If you want to change your language of preference from German to English, use the language toggle on the left side of the flag. For further information, see the FAQs below. Why PartnerNet is also in English now?

Since 2016 has offered a multi-lingual experience for customers that live outside of Germany e.g. in the Netherlands, Poland or Czech Republic.

Websites operating in the countries served from are invited to join the German Associates Programme. We provide English translations of PartnerNet to help these Associates to navigate through the portal.

Which functionalities are available for non-German-speaking Associates? 

The English version is meant primarily to help Associates, who do not speak German, to go through the sign up process, filling in partner data e.g. payment and tax information as well as to use reporting.

Features available in English:
- Sign-up process - Reporting
- Product linking à Product Links
- Product linking à Link to any Page
- SiteStripe
- Link Checker
- Product Advertising API

Features not available in English:
- Banners: marketing materials like banners are available only in German
- Quick Linker
- Widgets
- Link Builder Plugin

Can I contact PartnerNet Customer Service in English?

Yes. If you contact the PartnerNet Customer Service in English, you will get the response in English as well. Partner Service can be contacted here to link to the Partner Service.

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