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Reports FAQ

What's new in the Associate Central latest release?

Associates Central has a new look and feel that will make it easier for you to find the performance information you need to increase your earnings. We have removed the left navigation bar and moved all of the links to the top or bottom of the page. The top navigation area is completely redesigned to provide you with access to other areas of the site without the need to scroll. With this new layout, the website will be much easier to use on tablet devices.

We have also added a notification center and “What’s New” area at the top of the page to keep you informed on the latest program information.

Finally, we have updated our reporting platform to decrease report processing time and make data available the same day in near real-time. Data visualization has been added along with the ability to set custom date ranges for reports without needing to download them.

What are the changes in main navigation?

The following links are now available at the top of the page:

- Links and Banners: Product Linking
- Product Advertising API: Tools > Product Advertising API
- Account Settings: Login / email id (on top of the navigation bar)
- Help: Help > Product Help
- Feedback: Help > Contact Us
- Get Started Now: Help > Product Help
- Offers – Deals and Promotions: Promotions > Featured Promotions
- New – Special Bounties: Promotions > Bounties
- Discussion Boards: Help > Discussion Boards
- Operating Agreement and Referral Fees: Help > Operating Agreement
- Education Centre

The following links are now available at the bottom of the page:

- Performance Tips: Customer Support > Performance Tips
- Glossary: Customer Support > Performance Tips

How can I change the Associate ID?

If you have multiple Associates IDs for your account, you can change the Associate ID through the ‘Associate ID’ drop down on the top right of the page.

How can I update my account settings?

If you would like to update your account settings, click on your email address at the top right of the page and then select ‘Account Settings’ in the drop down menu.

How do I sign out of Associates Central?

You can sign out by clicking on your email address at the top right of the page and selecting the ‘Sign Out’ option.

How can I change the Tracking ID?

We have removed the Tracking ID selector from the home page. You can now change the Tracking ID within the pages where Tracking IDs are relevant. For example, you can change Tracking ID while creating a link or viewing your reports data.

How do I manage Tracking IDs?

You can manage Tracking IDs by clicking on your email address at the top right of the page and selecting the ‘Manage Your Tracking IDs’ option.

How do I change Country?

You can change Country by clicking on the drop down next to the current country flag displayed on the top right corner of the page. Please note, you must have an associate account for each specific country programme that you would like to access.

What's New in Reports:

The new Reports Centre is designed to give you valuable insights to easily manage and optimize your performance. Key features include:

- Enhanced graphical interface for ease of use and understanding key information
- Near real-time reporting for orders and bounties to help optimize campaign performance and conversion throughout the day
- Earnings breakdown by programme – see earnings from advertising fees and bounties at a glance in the Summary tab and see further details in the Fees and Bounties tabs
- New download capabilities, making it easy to download and share your data

Today's Orders. You can now view today's orders, in addition to historical orders and earnings, in the Fees tab. To view today's orders, select 'Today' from the date selector in the upper left section and click on the ‘Fees’ tab to see all the items ordered today. You need to click on the ‘Bounties; tab to see all the bounties for today.

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Custom Date Range. You can view reporting data for any custom date range on the page, without having to download. Select 'Custom Date Range' from the date selector and pick any date range spanning less than 90 days and click 'Apply'. You can also select from the pre-set date ranges, including Today, Last 7 Days and Last 30 Days.

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Download New Report Types. You can now download Tracking ID Summary, Link Type Performance, or Daily Trends report using the 'Download Reports' link in the upper right section.

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Daily Trends Report. You can now see the Daily Trends report, in addition to Tracking ID Summary, Link Type Performance, and Daily Trends, in the Fees tab.

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When are the reports updated?

Reports for Ordered Items and Bounties are updated in near real-time, which means most orders will be reported within an hour of being placed. Your Earnings report is current as of the previous day. For example, if you’re looking at your Earnings report on Tuesday, you’ll see your earnings through Monday.

Why is the number of Ordered Items different from Shipped Items?

Some orders that customers place may not get shipped. This could happen for a variety of reasons, such as order cancellation or inadequate inventory levels.

How can I find out more about a specific product from the Fees Report?

You can click on the product name in the Fees report and it will take you to the product detail page on Amazon.co.uk. In addition, you can get the link directly from the listing.

How can I find all of my previous reports?

Data from all of the previous reports are consolidated in the new reporting format. Previous Earnings, Orders, Link-Type, Daily Trends, and Tracking ID Summary data is now available in the Fees tab. Miscellaneous Referrals data is now available in the Bounties tab.

How much historical data can I access in the new reports?

You can access data starting from March 2015 in the new reporting. If you want to access older data you should use the classic reporting to download it.

How do I find out what Product Links visitors clicked?

The Orders report combines click and order information. In the top "Items with orders" section, you can see each item ordered and how many direct-link clicks it received. Below the ordered items, you'll find an "Items with no orders" section. When you click the arrow next to "Show all items," you'll see a list of items that were viewed via a direct link but not ordered. In the summary at the bottom of the report, you may see a number of "Other Clicks". These are clicks from other link types, including links to the home page, links to search results, recommended product links, and links to the main landing page for each product category. Use the Link-Type report to see how each link type is performing for your website.

Getting Started:

Understanding Reports

You can easily see your earnings by programme with referral fees and bounties displayed as well as a daily earnings graph. Key performance indicators such as clicks, ordered items, shipped items, and conversion rates are surfaced to provide you with insights at a quick glance. Today's Orders provide you with near real-time order data. You can choose to view this data for a single Tracking ID or for all Tracking IDs by selecting the appropriate Tracking IDs using the Tracking ID filter near the top of the page.

Download New Report Types

You can now download Tracking ID Summary, Link Type Performance, or Daily Trends reports using the 'Download Reports' link in the upper right section.

How do I download reports data? What formats are supported?

Data is available for download in the following formats: 1) Excel (.xlsx), 2) comma-separated values (CSV as .txt), and 3) XML (.xml). You can select the data as well as the date range to download.

How do I create custom reports using XML?

We now offer the option to download reports data in XML. This will not replace CSV downloads and online report previews.

Reports data contain additional details you can use to analyze your performance more closely. For example, both Earnings and Orders reports include transaction dates, thus you could download an entire month of orders data, and graph the daily trends for products you've been promoting heavily. This may help you determine how frequently to change featured products or promotions on your site. XML is not just for software developers!

Applications such as Excel let you open XML documents in new worksheets and build reusable spreadsheet templates. To learn more, read this Microsoft tutorial about how to use this feature. If you are a developer, or have similar expertise, you can use these data files to programmatically generate custom reports.

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