What new features in Associates Central will help me increase my earnings?

  • New Enhanced Display Product Links. Enhanced display links to individual products have been shown to convert up to 23% better than manually designed links in the Amazon.com Associates Program. Now available for Amazon.co.uk, these automatically updated links include the product image, title, best price from any seller, Amazon.co.uk price, and a button so customers can add the item directly to their Amazon.co.uk shopping basket.
  • Earn more on third-party items. The Enhanced Display Product Link includes the best price from any seller, but you can also promote third-party items if you prefer to host your own links. Using the link destination options under Basic Display Product Links, you can direct price-sensitive visitors to a product's offer listing page where they can view the lowest price available from any seller. Plus, you'll earn the direct-link premium if the customer purchases the featured item.
  • Performance tips. Read up-to-date articles on the hottest trends in affiliate marketing for great ideas that will help you increase your earnings.
  • Reports data in XML. Create custom reports by downloading the data in XML, giving you additional insight into how to optimise your merchandising strategies.
  • Tracking IDs made easier. Analyze the performance of individual Web sites or promotions using improved tracking ID reporting, and build links that include tracking IDs more easily.
We are committed to providing additional revenue-generating opportunities for the Associates community. These improvements are just the beginning.

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